Reality Works EBook

Reality Works, (Let It Happen) is for the savvy seeker, neophyte, and all those in-between. Chapter titles such as It is our fear that creates our bravery, The universe works if you get out of the way, and Being human is the key to knowing your divinity, all propose new ways to look at the same old stuff, with a twist. Spiritual myths are ?de-bunked? as complicated concepts are stripped to the bare essentials with clarity, freshness and reverence. Fifty-two chapters in all?brief and explicit lessons on living truthfully with a grounded sense of wonder. Reality Works is for readers who want their spirituality straight-up, without the anecodotes and endless explanations. Combining eastern wisdom with a hip, contemporary, very American point of view, it makes readers laugh out loud, see life with a fresh perspective, sit in the middle of the floor and welcome their demons-basically learn how to feel a range of feelings by first facing the monster of fear and loneliness. "We have been so conditioned to want only what is easy and initially makes us feel good that we have neglected the soft underbelly, that part of life that is difficult and makes us uncomfortable, but in the end has the ability to connect us to what is real," writes Alexander in the Introduction. Fifty-two chapters (one for every week in the year) provide brief but explicit lessons on how to live with a grounding sense of wonder. Chapters include "When You Are Confused, Do Nothing," "Love Grows if You're not in a Coma," "I am not Afraid of Things That Scare Me," and "Men ansd Women are Different-Enjoy it." From loneliness to relationships, from learning to leave things alone to learning to pay attention, Reality Works offers fifty-two ways to live a richer, more authentic life. A gem of a book that can be picked up again and again, each time meeting the reader in exactly the right place.
Reality Works EBook
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