Relationship Therapy On Demand

Relationship Therapy On Demand is like having a therapist on call. Open to any page and you will be snapped back to reality. By giving women the courage to love themselves first, this pocket handbook reminds us once again what we already know: Every man knows what to do - it’s just whether or not he thinks he needs to do it with you. By delivering a one-two punch, this book wakes you up – you learn how to take care of yourself AND stay open to love. Women will buy this book for one another and men will secretly buy it for themselves. A woman’s book every man should read! Ask yourself: Are you making excuses for what doesn’t feel good? If so, Relationship Therapy On Demand is for you. • Sex is not important. We have other things going for us. • Being with someone is better than being alone. • I’ll move out as soon as I have enough money.
Relationship Therapy On Demand
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